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Grumpy Cat

Our collection includes 1800 pieces of unique Grumpy Cats.

Anatomy of Cat

Grumpy Cats have some appearance preferences:
  • Background
  • Clothes
  • Necklaces
  • Hat
  • Eyes
  • Earrings
  • Fur
House of Volcano
Most of the living beings died due to the eruption of Solmado Volcano in Grumpy Island so, all the surface was covered in lava. Anyone could live in this land for a long time but after the civil war, the Grumpies who migrated to volcanic land found the community of volcano. The cost of founding. The cost they paid to establish this community made the volcano Grumpies more resistant to lava than any other Grumpies. Lava is the nightmare of all the Grumpies, but it is home for the volcano Grumpies.
Once upon a time, this region was the best place to live in the Grumpy Kingdom until Crazy doctor Fluppy’s fantastic experiments have changed the climate of the icy regions climate forever. Thanks to natural selection, the Grumpies who have the thicker pelage were found in the community of Ice Grumpies in the icy region. The ones that live there are peaceful with the cold and they do not want to live in warmer places. There will be only one option to abandon their region. The Grumpy Palace! It's not that they're not smiling because the cold freezes their jaw muscles. Their heart is the reason why this place is cold.
Head Hunter
The desert was not the best option for living at King Garfi’s times. The hidden treasure of King Garfi is in the desert land according to some gossip. Only some Grumpies had come to the desert to find the treasure for years. However, the destiny of the desert was changed after the civil war! The treasure hunters found the desert grumpy community. They are the absolute owners of the deserts, meanwhile, the other Grumpies can not even imagine stepping in of there. Now it’s time to get whole the kingdom!
King of Jungle
Grumpy Forest, which was one of the most unknown places on the island even during the King Garfi period, was a forest famous for the fact that those who enter once cannot leave. The brave Grumpies of the jungle union had no other choice but to establish their own community, and they managed to make this area habitable for themselves. However, this forest is now even more deadly to the cats of all the other clans in the kingdom!
The cyber regions were the template of the technology in King Garfi’s times. Such research was going to change the future of the Grumpies made here. During the civil war, the looter Grumpies occupied the cyberland and captured the scientist to use them for their own dynasty wars. Scientists are developing deadly weapons for the looters to make them fight in every circumstance.
Scraps and trashes were collected in the wasted land at King Garfi’s times. The waste collectors were living in this place before the civil war but they were stuck in the wasted land during the war so they were found their community in the wasted land. They do not like the water and they hide under the wastes in the rain. They made their weapons with scraps. The fearlessness of these Grumpies, who prefer to establish even their civilization in the middle of nowhere, is the greatest fear of all Grumpies.
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