Grumpy Wars


Grumpy Cats provides a sustainable play-to-earn blockchain games that offer economic incentives to players. Typically, players can earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards by playing Grumpy Cats Clan Wars.
How tokens are used in game GRMPY is the Grumpy Kingdoms' native governance and utility token and is used in the following functions:
  • Governance: GRMPY token holders can propose and vote on network governance decisions
  • Medium of exchange: Users can use GRMPY tokens to make payments and purchase in-game items.
  • Gamer incentivization : Users can potentially earn GRMPY tokens as rewards by winning in-game competitions.
  • NFT booster: Users can use GRMPY tokens to mint and upgrade NFT assets.
  • Platform rewards: Users can stake GRMPY tokens to earn GRMPY rewards, as well as other special NFT assets.
  • Buying Tickets for community raffle and lottery 20% of all token supply(2,000,000) will be distributed into P2E Rewards in 48 months. Also P2E Rewards supported by NFT Mint Fund.
Burning Mechanism
All game ticket fees as GRMPY will be burned. 50% of the Game Store revenues will be burned also. Future Raffle Mechanisms will support the burning process.
Beta Rewards
20% of total Private Sale amount(100,000 tokens) will be distributed to early community members who played Grumpy Cats NFT Game’s Beta version. It will be distributed to beta players who have a Grumpylist role in Discord Channel. Total amount of distribution in beta process will be 1% of total token supply
Last modified 9mo ago