First strategy based staking game in Solana.


All the Grumpies had lived in peace with King Garfi for the centuries. After King Garfi passed away, the fight for the throne caused to be a civil war and the dynasty became unclaimed. The Grumpies who lived in the kingdom scattered to six different clans and they have started to live in different parts of the island to find their own seigniories. As a result of this, all six seigniories started to fight each other to become the absolute landowners on the island but it is not that easy fight due to the unstable conditions of the island. No one can ever rule the island since the King passed away. Will you change the destiny of Grumpy Island? Are you ready to rule?


Our goal is to create a true community-based Play-to-Earn strategy game with a lot of fun and reward.

Business Vision

Unlikely other staking-based games we are creating self-sufficient and profitable token economics and staking strategies.

Community Vision

We are aiming to create a visionary holder community, Grumpy NFTs will support that community financially. The internal competition will sharpen the sense of community with that sense all of the Grumpies will earn with the community's investments.

NFT Collection

Mint Date TBA Supply :1800 NFTs Mint Price : 1.5 Sol

Grumpy Island (Game explanation)

Grumpy Island has 6 regions and 1 Kingdom Fire Union Ice United Sand Residents Jungle Cats Cyber Cats Wasted Landers
Grumpy Kingdom
Mighty Grumpy Island

How to earn?

This is not a classical farm yield project. You can not get profit much by passive staking. You need to play and participate in Clan War to gain big rewards. If you succeed in the War then you will be granted rewards. These rewards are worth as an in-game asset or real-world currency.

Grumpy Power Calculation

On the base level, all Grumpy Cat NFTs will be 95 to 102 Cat Power by rarity score.
For each occupation type, there will be additional Cat Power.
Clan Leaders: There will be only 6 clan leaders which makes them extremely rare. When a Clan Leader NFT participates in a War it gives its clan total power an extra 5 Cat Power besides its own NFTs abilities.
Commander: This occupation property boots Clan's Cat Power with an additional 2 Cat Power. There will be 10 commanders for each clan.
Spy: This occupation property boots Clan's Cat Power with an additional 1 Cat Power but if used in a raided area then it gives 0.5 additional Cat Power. For each clan, there can be 20 spies.
Medic: This occupation property boots Clan's Cat Power with an additional 0,5 Cat Power.
Warrior: This occupation property boots Clan's Cat Power with an additional 0,3 Cat Power.
All NFTs have Ground and Weather property. This property is valued according to the battleground's situation. If NFTs and Battleground Ground & Weather property are matches then user will gain +1 Cat Power for each matched property.

Dynamic rarity

With our own rarity tool, you can see the current Cat Power of your NFT. Besides static rarity parameters, we have combat abilities that are adaptive and profitable with the different battleground situations.

Whole economic calculation

In order for the in-game economy token to have a sustainable liquidity structure, it will work as in the diagram depicted above. As tokens are earned from the game, the economy will be created with a sustainable and realistic model, with the tokens that will be spent at various points in the game. Thanks to this model, the tokens you have earned from the game will always maintain their value and will become more valuable with the increase in demand for the game in the future.

Reward pool calculation

Rewards are distributed every week. Grumpy participating in clan wars get 2 Grumpy Tokens as rewards
Grumpy who join the war in the regions that won the clan war will get 20 more Grumpy Tokens as a loot bonus
Grumpies who lose the war are only eligible to earn 2 Grumpy tokens, the battle participation fee.


The sustainability of GRUMPY Token is the most important issue for our project. In order for the in-game ecosystem to be sustainable, token spending will be made in-game as well as tokens are earned by users. In addition, daily purchase orders will be entered into the GRUMPY token with the amount we earn from Royalty revenues and the received tokens will be burned. In this way, the token buying pressure will be constantly created, and the amount in circulation will be constantly reduced.


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