Grumpy Wars


Grumpy Cats has 3 different staking way
Passive Staking
  • Our priority is to be sustainable and passive staking will help to keep circulating supply of the GRMPY token. Therefore, 30%(3,000,000) of all token supply will be distributed as Passive Staking Rewards in 5 years.
Sub Staking
  • Grumpy Cats offers a unique way of staking; Sub Staking. According to occupation of NFTs in Grumpy Kingdom regions, players will gain more stake earnings. There are 6 regions and a kingdom player can stake their NFTs according to their choice.
P2E Gamified Staking
  • Ultimate way of winning big gains in Grumpy Kingdom is succeeding in weekly Grumpy Wars. Members of winner clan will receive a huge portion of Kingdom’s treasury. For that you need to participate weekly Grumpy Wars with your clan and make logical decisions to succeed in field.