Grumpy Wars

Grumpy Coin

Only valid currency in Grumpy Kingdom
GRMPY token is the main currency of Grumpy Cats NFT Game. It has 10,000,000 fixed total supply and can be used in many ways in game either out of it. GRMPY token will be distributed to the community within 5 years period. Detailed distribution table is shared on “Tokenomics” page. Grumpies can convert their token to other assets in DEXs and can trade between Grumpy communities for several goods. Also, cats will be able to buy utilities in Grumpy War's marketplace to fortify their battle score. Usecases of GRMPY Token
  • Game Tickets: Players pay little fees to get in the game.
  • Game Store: Players can use GRMPY tokens to make payments and purchases in-game items.
  • Game Rewards: Players can collect game rewards as GRMPY tokens.
  • Platform Rewards: Users can stake their GRMPY tokens to get staking rewards.
  • Trade: Users can trade their GRMPY tokens in DEXs, also possible CEXs.
  • Governance: GRMPY token holders can propose and vote on network governance decisions.
  • Raffle Systems: Community members can use GRMPY tokens to involve future raffles.
  • You can access Grumpy Token
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