🏹Grumpy Wars - Game

Strategy Game of Grumpies

All the Grumpy Cats are unique and they have different utilities from each other. Those properties are going to make random Grumpy Cats stronger in randomly specified war conditions. A war lasts 7 days and at the end of all wars, climate conditions, ground conditions will change randomly so, it provides an advantage to the Grumpy Cats in every war in terms of their properties. Any of the cats has permanent boosts by the change of the war conditions. It is going to be sufficient to join the wars by staking your Grumpy Cats. The only way to strengthen your Grumpy Cat is to purchase utilities to them from Grumpy Marketplace by Grumpy Token. At the end of the war, the number of Grumpy Cats that are staked by holders from each clan, utilities of the clan, and the war conditions for each week plays a critical role to decide the winner clan of each week. All the stakes are going to be rewarded whether they win or lose the war but, the winners will get more and all the rewards are going to be distributed equally to the Grumpy Cats according to their war power.

What are the rules and gameplay?

Each Grumpy Cat NFTs and utilities should be placed on the map until the countdown is finished.

According to the condition of the battleground and utilities, you placed on the map spot your Cat Power is going to be calculated. After placing your Grumpy Cat it will be locked for 7 days until the end of the war. In the meantime, according to the progress of the war, you can ask unplaced common clan NFT holders to support your spot on the map and also you can put more utilities to strengthen your position on the map.

Your rewards will be calculated according to the duration of the war, the more time you spend on the battleground the more rewards you are gonna granted.

At the end of 7 days, the winner clan will be determined by their total Cat Power.

Their score will be shown as the weekly winner and also will be added to the yearly scoreboard too.

The winner clan's banner will be waving in the Grumpy Kingdom until the next war. The most streaked clan will grant a surprise at and of year.


  • 7 regions, 6 cat types

  • Cat Types: Volcano, Desert, Ice, Wasted, Cyber, Jungle

  • 6 cat lands, 1 kingdom land

  • Weekly rewards

  • Battle results are determined by comparing total cat power on each land

Crossland Chart

Reward Bonus Chart

Example for Gameplay:

Cyber Cats have 12.000 staked cat power

Volcano Cats have 12.435 staked cat power

Desert Cats have 10.000 staked cat power

Ice Cats have 9.600 staked cat power

Jungle Cats have 11.200 staked cat power

Wasted Cats have 10.800 staked cat power

Cyber Cats decide to raid Jungle and they get a -%5 penalties. Their final cat power is: 11.400

Volcano Cats decide to raid to Ice region for more rewards and they get -20% cat power: 9.948 Desert Cats decide to stay in their region and get a %10 bonus for staying. Their Cat Power is: 11.000 Ice Cats decide to raid Wasteland. Get a -%5 penalties. Final Power: 9.120 Jungle Cats decide to raid Ice Cats and get a -%5 penalties. Final Power: 10.640

Wasteland Cats decide to stay in their habitat. They get a %10 bonus. The final power is 11.980

After the final calculation; Wasteland Cats have 11.980 cat power on Kingdom Land at the end of the week as the winner of the week. In this situation, Volcano Cats got the surprise reward with the most Cat Power staked on Kingdom Land.

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