Grumpy Wars

Grumpy Cats Clan Wars

PLAY - STAKE - EARN based first NFT strategy game on Solana
Six cat clans battle to take over the kingdom filled with loot. Take your place in this war and get rewards!

Welcome aboard!

This is the world of Grumpy Cats! It's so hard for them to love something.
But they are in love with SOL
The main goal of the Grumpy Cats NFTs project is to create a mutually beneficial system using stabilizer financial tools for its holders.
Our game is the first strategy-based staking play-to-earn game in the Solana chain. With our game's changeable conditions we are leaving the classic approach of NFT Power Ranking. Your NFT's Cat Power can change in terms of current events on the battleground, it is not static! With that unique functionality of us, it gives every holder to reach the higher levels of Cat Power in the long-term run.